We at ROCKSTAR WINDSHIELD REPAIR understand the challenges of raising funds for your non-profit. 
ROCKSTAR has come up with a simple opportunity to integrate into your strategy for meeting your financial goal. 
Why windshield repair for a fundraiser?
A third of the vehicles on the road have windshield damage.  Meaning a third of the people supporting your non-profit NEED  this service.  Most insurance companies cover windshield repair with NO DEDUCTIBLE up to 1-2 times per year.  It is considered a NO FAULT claim, so the repair is actually free to the policy holder.  Insurance companies would rather pay for a REPAIR than replace a windshield.  It is the least expensive solution for the insurance company which is why most will gladly pay for the service.  If the customer does NOT want to involve a claim, no problem.  Rockstar takes cash, check, or credit card. 
ROCKSTAR uses the most advanced process with the best equipment and materials in the business.  Structural integrity is restored with 80-90% clarity.  ROCKSTAR also provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY for all windshield repairs.
The policy holder gets a great windshield repair experience, and the non-profit organization you support receives financial benefits.  Everyone wins!  Since ROCKSTAR is a Mobile Repair Facility we can come to any location to provide this service.  This opportunity can be an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly event that can be easily incorporated into your annual fundraising strategy.
It's as simple as 1-2-3
1. Policy holder calls the CLAIM NUMBER on his insurance card and files a claim for rock chip repair.
2. Policy holder chooses:  ROCKSTAR WINDSHIELD REPAIR @ 832.349.8480 to make repair
3. Dispatch number is assigned to the claim and repair or repairs are made within 10-15 minutes
This is where is gets even better!!
Remember, this is a fundraiser.  There will be an opportunity for the customer to increase the results.  With a phone call, a signature on the invoice, and a little more generosity, the sponsoring non-profit could benefit tremendously.  With just a little effort in getting the word out through your data base, a date on the calendar, a central location, and a few volunteers, the results can be great!
ROCKSTAR will handle all the claims and your non-profit will benefit financially.  It takes 5-6 weeks following the event to receive funding from claims.   
    Any questions please call or email:  Curtis Kilgore   832.349.8480   or   rockstarfix@gmail.com